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Program goals

  • Distinguish the main facts, notions and concepts related to the human phenomena
  • Explain theories, laws, models, and schools of thought in relation to their authors, and concrete situations
  • Demonstrate the qualities associated with scientific intellect and critical thinking
  • Develop intellectual rigour necessary for advenced studies
  • Learn to use social science methodologies such as reasoning, hypothesis-deduction, rational arguments and the scientific method
  • Learn to correctly interpret information in the news, general articles, and statistics seen on a daily basis and use appropriate information technologies

Prerequisites :

  • Secondary School Diploma (SSD)

Bourse :

I like

  • Understanding human phenomena, including psychological and sociological concepts
  • Learning about laws, paradigms and schools of thought in relation to their authors and the phenomena that they help explain
  • Analyzing various socio-political issues from a global perspective
  • Using various technologies to process information

I have

  • An open mind
  • An interest in psychology, sociology, history and politics
  • The desire to express my ideas and discuss society’s issues
  • The ability and interest to work in a team

I want

  • To pursue university studies.

(see academic opportunities in the program description)


Cégep de Sept-Îles' Experience :

  • Bilingual Option
    I can enrol in a personalized program during my college studies that allows me to pursue university studies in English or French and eventually enter the labour market
  • International cooperation trip
  • Social Science Centre
  • Educational activities
  • Qualified, accessible teachers
Contact person

For more information

William Phénix
Academic Advisor
418 962-9848, ext.: 319