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Program goals

  • Develop my ability to solve problems
  • Reflect on moral and ethical issues
  • Acquire an awareness of the social and economic impact of scientific discoveries
  • Understand the principles, theories and basic laws that explain natural phenomena
  • Apply a scientific approach
  • Recognize the relations between scientific disciplines

Prerequisites :

  • Secondary V Mathematics Technical & Scientific Option or Secondary V Mathematics Science Option
  • Secondary V Physics
  • Secondary V Chemistry

Bourse :

I like

  • Science
  • Problem solving
  • Establishing links between science, technology and the evolution of society
  • Developing my critical thinking with regard to scientific discoveries

I have

  • An appreciation for synthesis and analysis
  • An aptitude for logical reasoning
  • A sense of organization
  • An interest in abstract ideas

I want

  • To pursue university studies

(see academic opportunities in the program description)


Cégep de Sept-Îles' Experience :

  • Bilingual Option
    I can enrol in a personalized program during my college studies that allows me to pursue university studies in English or French and eventually enter the labour market
  • Choice between two profiles: ‘’Health Sciences’’ or ‘’Pure and Applied Sciences’’
  • Science Centre
  • Modern laboratories
  • Scientific activities and competitions
  • Qualified, accessible teachers
Contact person

For more information

William Phénix
Academic Advisor
418 962-9848, ext.: 319