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Rentrée automne 2020 – Pour tout savoir sur le déroulement de la prochaine session, clique ici.

Back to school 2020 – To know everything about the next semester, click here.


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Back to school 2020

Whether it’s your first time back to school in college or not, the 2020 fall semester will be historic for everyone. Although it will not be “conventional,” we are hopeful that it will start on a positive note.

So, to make the start of your term enjoyable, we created this page where you will find all the tools that will allow you to get ready to head back to school and reduce the hassle.

Start of classes

The fall semester will begin on August 24. During this first week, mandatory hospitality activities are planned (visit, meeting with program teachers, connection tests, training on technological tools, explanations of hygiene measures, etc.).

Details of the first week’s programming will be provided on this page and on Omnivox in early August.

icône enseignement à distance Hybrid education

Unfortunately, since a return to full lockdown cannot be ruled out, hybrid education is the preferred approach for the duration of the fall 2020 term.

What exactly is it? It is a mix of classroom (in-person) and remote courses. Most theory courses (academic courses) will be given remotely, while some laboratories could adopt an in-person formula.

We know that remote learning is not easy for everyone. That’s why we’re working on organizing the schedules for all programs so you can still have certain periods in class.

For now, here’s what has been planned:

Learning pathWeek in-person
1st year2, 3, 6, 9, 12
2nd, 3rd year and up4, 7, 10

Details will be provided to you in the week of August 24.

pictogramme ordinateur Technology tools

You’re probably thinking that with remote courses, you will have to have some technological tools at your disposal.


logo Omnivox

This is the most important educational tool. It allows you to:

  • Pay your tuition and other fees
  • Get your schedule
  • Connect with teachers, staff and students through Omnivox Internal Messaging (MIO)
  • See your e-student card
  • Access Lea (courses, assignments, notes, etc.)

You can access it here. You can also download the mobile app.

Computer equipment

As you probably suspect, writing an assignment on a mobile phone is not ideal. That’s why you’re strongly advised to purchase a laptop (or tablet with keyboard) with a camera and microphone. You will obviously need internet access and a quiet place to take part in your classes.

It is also important to check whether your computer is capable of supporting the software required for your coursework. A list of recommended devices for each program will be available shortly here.

  • If you already have everything you need at home or are going to get it:
    That’s great.
  • If you don’t think you can get everything you need:
    Fill out this survey (in French).
  • Do you have to travel to get to the college? Do you not have access to an internet connection? Does your family situation make it difficult to take remote courses?
    Don’t worry about it. Workstations will be made available to you at the college. Details on their use will be released in August.

Office 365 (free)

logo Office 365

Good news! The college is giving you free access to the entire Office 365 suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams, etc.) during your college education. You can use it online or install it on your personal computer. That way, you’ll have access to all your assignments, wherever you are.

Is this your first semester? A email will be assigned to you shortly.

Here’s how to connect afterwards: Office 365 Login Guide (in French)

If you are having difficulties, visit this page (in French) or contact or via MIO: supportTi-etu

Antidote (free)

No need to buy this software either. Antidote will be provided free of charge for the fall semester. The procedure for accessing it will be communicated to you at the beginning of the term.

Mobile app

application mobile du Cégep

Did you know that Cégep de Sept-Îles has a mobile app? You will find a lot of information about student life (events, services, job offers, school calendar, etc.).

You have to wait until you get your email to log in.

Afterwards, here is the procedure to install it.

picto bulles Student life

Aside from courses, a “vibrant” college would not be one without a vibrant student life! Despite the situation, you will see that activities will still take place and that you will have access to all the services necessary to help you succeed.


As you are entering college under special circumstances, you will be given special attention. The entire Student Services team will be there to support you. Rest assured that all services will be offered even in a hybrid format (adapted services, financial aid for studies, psychosocial assistance, educational assistance, etc.).

To view them, visit the Services page of the site or the “Services” tile in the mobile app (in French).


All that is great, but is it going to be “fun” at the college this fall? You’d better believe it! The Student Services team is preparing social, cultural, community and sports activities tailored to the situation.

Download the mobile app to find out what’s happening on-site and online. Here’s the procedure to connect.

picto santé Public health

As with all educational institutions, Cégep de Sept-Îles must implement public health recommendations. When you are there, you will have to follow the instructions given at the entrance. For courses where distancing will not be possible (e.g. laboratory), a mask or face covering will be required.

Do you have any other questions?

Louisa Mattiucci

Contact Louisa. She’ll try to answer you or she’ll direct you to someone who can.

Louisa Mattiucci
Reception and Client Management

Room D-100
418-962-9848, extension 0 or 307

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